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Your satisfaction is our satisfaction

Perfection in computer repair is what iSupport agents aim for. All of our technicians are certified and continue to stay current in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of technology. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have the confidence to provide you with a complete NO RISK guarantee.

Since our inception iSupport has been a customer-driven company, and as a result we have adopted a “pay for performance” policy. We don’t have consultation fees or diagnostic fees. To say it simply, you have a problem and need a solution. If we can’t provide that solution, we don’t deserve to collect a fee. All unresolved issues will be escalated to one of our advanced technicians, in which they will determine if we are unable to fix the problem. If your problem remains unrepaired after one of our advanced technicians looks over your system and exhausts every effort in getting it resolved, you are entitled to a full refund. We are the experts, and therefore; there should be no risk involved for you. If we feel we cannot fix it, you are entitled to a full refund. You never pay for a diagnostic or advice from us. That is why we say: “No Fix, No Pay.”

If we cannot fix your problem, you don’t pay!

Service guarantee

How often have you been unsatisfied with the work of a service center technician? You make several trips back and forth only to find out that the work was not done at a level of performance you would have liked it done. With no trips involved to any of our service centers, there is absolutely NO RISK or loss that you face.

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Why iSupport?

Our goal is customer satisfaction to its full extent. If our customers are not satisfied with our service, our business would be a waste of time. We aim to ensure that your computer works the way it was designed to.

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to help you understand today's changing landscape and show how you can arm yourself from the negative sides of technology and help you enhance your personal and business productivity.

Our remote computer support experts have years of experience researching and devising number one solutions to some of the most complex technical issues. It is our undertaking to keep you satisfied or you don't pay a cent. We thrive on affordable PC repair rates that cater to everyone's budget. We understand how important it is today to pay upon service, which is why we stand for quality services.

About iSupport

ISupport is a renowned online tech support service provider to assist in the day to day computer life of users. We are committed to the satisfaction of a global audience through online/remote caring and repairing PCs, troubleshooting and resolving personal computer issues,

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installing various PC software and applications as well as setting up peripheral devices and their troubleshooting.

With 2 years of distinguished tech support services, ISupport has created its mark among millions of users from every corner of the globe.

Our strength lies in a management team of professional and mature individuals that carry eminent educational qualifications from industry verticals especially IT and Marketing as well as a team of young, dynamic experts with a proven track record, expert computer and network engineers, electronic gadgets technicians and a pool of tech support trainees.

Our technical experts help you in resolving technical issues which could be with your computers (Desktops/ Laptops), tablets, smart phones, printers, scanners and apps. We repair, restore and recommend solutions to prevent problems with your gadgets. We also provide key health checkups for your computers and related devices and provide suggestions on open ware which can help enjoying the computing with enriched attributes.

We are here 24x7, 365 days a year to provide upbeat and proactive support to both individuals and corporate bodies.

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Matthew, FL

The support was executed in a very patient and efficient way everything was great.

I have always received First class service and support from iSupport.

Customer Reviews

iSupport was very professional and wanted to take care of my PC problems to my full satisfaction.

Now I know I have a company to contact to get resolution any day in the convenience of my home. Great feeling; Thanks!